Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A letter to the 32 million people who voted poorly last night

Dear America,

I'm so very VERY sad.

First of all, I am very confused/disturbed/upset by your choice for the bottom three. Why Jessica? She's been consistently good! I can only shake my head. Why not throw Anthony in there? Because he took his glasses off? Why not Constantine? He can't hold a tune, let alone a melody. And Scott? Well he was just awful last night. I'm usually a fan but come on people!! Nikko? All Nikko can sing is R&B. He's such a HACK. I agree with Anwar as a choice but that's the only place we're on the same page.

But American, you have truly broken my heart by voting off Jessica. She's amazing. Was it because she sang a song that you didn't really know? It is because she died the under layer of her hair a slightly alarming black? It is because she was almost too predictable as the second runner up?

What I'm most upset about is that you just made the competition really boring. Carrie will obviously win. I don't even need to watch anymore.

And that just makes me ache. That's right...ACHE.

What will you do about it?


p.s. Can we talk about the Ford Commercial this week? Was I seeing things, or were all of the idols dressed as large, scary puppets of their own likenesses?


Anonymous said...

Hi Steph. I am not keeping as current as I might on IDOL, but I have one comment. I liked Bo the few times I saw him. He seemed like the only one who was an artist. He was singing. The judges were watching. He didn't care. The others all seemed to me like they were kissing the judges asses. Trying to get their approval. Bo seemed above that. He seemed above them. I think he is all into being a Christian, in a way that might be a turn-off. But I still like him.
From Bruce

Steph said...

Hey Bruce!
Bo is cool and has his own deal, I agree. But I really don't think he'll win, only because Carrie has more mass appeal. If he does win, I think that would be AWESOME but he won't (but I've been wrong before).

I'm going to read your blog today.

Lori said...

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