Tuesday, March 22, 2005

List Series, Part 1: Things I think I have always kind of known but more recently have fully come to realize

I am more jealous of perky boobs than I am of flat stomachs.

I love angry chick music, unapologetically.

My driving is very scary. This, however, does not make it bad.

I have taken some of my best friendships for granted. But no longer.

I don't want to say "excuse me" after every time I burp...but I will.

I deserve to be happy.

It's OK to have "I want my sister" moments rather than "I want my mommy" moments.

There are few things better than a bag of mini milano's, my warm bed and a good book.

I'm really fucking angry. And I know exactly why.

I'm more "normal" and "stable" than I have ever given myself credit for.

I love my eyelashes.

I love to snuggle...with a niece, nephew, certain dog named Max and certain cat named Bonkey.

I am constantly humbled by my friends, family and life in general.

I really don't have it that bad at all.

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