Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Dancy Party, Ford Style

So I'm watching The Idol results show and all caught up in the excitement again. I'm over that Mario left and I'm feeling good about the top 12. Do I have a choice? No, not really. I could stop watching but...I can't. It's just too late. I've invested too much time and energy, too much emotion and entirely too much money on junk food.

SO right after Seacrest went to commercial (hold you breath for results!), this Ford commercial comes on. It's a dance party setting, featuring all of the top 12, singing along and making complete fools of themselves. Bo and Nikko are so obviously trying not to laugh and I just feel...dirty. How much more obvious and shamless can this show be in their exploitation of these individuals? When will the ratings be high enough? When will it be enough? Then I think: The final 12 are doing this of their own will. They are eating up their 15 minutes of fame because it could end at anytime. It's so gut wrenching and materialistic and consumer-driven and I just...

I just fucking love it.

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