Friday, March 18, 2005

Highly disillusioned

Now I just feel naive.

Mario is just confusing me.

I mean, you gotta take care of number one but...why'd you lie dude? AND why are you trying to cover your ass on a lie that we all know is a lie? Just suck it up, do the stuff you need to do with your contracts and then maybe, just maybe, you can have a decent career. Then again, you are getting up there in years.

Also...I think I need to start cutting all of the people out of my life who suck and spending more time with the people who are awesome. I've come to understand that I need those who I care about to demonstrate compassion. Why did I not realize this before? Why have I been wasting my energy? Because that much change is fucking scary. I'm OK with admitting that.

How will I distract myself enough to deal with all of this in an emotionally healthy way?
Well, Television of course.

The O.C. was pretty lame last night.

But the EW article written about it has higher entertainment value.

I can't decide if entertainment whose only goal is to comment on other entertainment is a terrible thing or a wonderful thing.


Bryna said...

I found you through Breakup Babe's comments... I *heart* American Idol!!!! Mario is a dufus. Money hungry jerk. Doesn't he know that most people don't even make anything of themselves even when they make the top 12?

Steph said...

who knows with Mario.
All I know is he joins a short list of people who have been disappointing me lately...
thanks for writing!! visit often :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!
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