Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Boyfriends are stupid

Well, as some of you may have noticed, or known, things with "the boyfriend" really haven't been going that well lately. It's been rough on me. I've tried to be patient, sympathetic and kind...all of the things that a wonderful girlfriend represents.

Well, his little "what's wrong with not talking for a whole weekend?" stunt was the nail in the coffin. I gave up, told him this was all crap and he wasn't even trying to put an effort in and...just like that...he resorted to being a 2 year old, told me to come and get my stuff if I wanted it and said "bye." Oh, and I wouldn't want to forget to mention that this was all over AOL Instant Messenger. Oh the shame! But wonder boy can't take phone calls at work (partially my fault apparently) so, this girl had no other choice. Oh...and he blamed this all on me.

Cool. SO, onto bigger and better things. Sure, I'll miss the good times (there were some) but I won't miss always wondering, always hoping and always knowing that I deserve better. Because I do. And sure...I'll have my bad moments (crying while on the stairmaster at the gym anyone?) but I'm strong and I can kick it.

Good news!
I had a phone call today with a new potential employer! I'll keep you updated.

More good news!
The Idol is on tonight and the final 12 are going to ROCK it (I hope). And so what if Mario isn't there? Maybe he would have choked anyway.

Additional good news!
I'm getting my hair cut tonight. Blubbering to my hairdresser anyone? YES!!

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