Thursday, March 10, 2005

What have they done with Stephanie?

Oh oh oh oh.

The PMS demons have stolen the real Stephanie and locked her up somewhere. She has been replaced by dangerous, extremely toxic, highly irritable and physically exhausted PMS Stephanie...who is drowning her sorrows in a lovely Shiraz.

The real Stephanie (wherever they have her hidden) is happy with the Idol results show because the American Public said bye bye to Krusty Bang and Horse Teeth...for good! She's not sure Constantine deserves to stay. She respects what he's trying to do but he really isn't all that...anything.

So, PMS Stephanie will most likely pick a fight with her boyfriend at some point in the evening ( process...) and go to bed after crying over The OC and some stupid, sappy plot line they have going on.

PMS Stephanie hopes the demons will bring back the real woman soon...

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