Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I knew he was smart

College boys are smart.

Good show, Anoop.

Just 10 more weeks, dude. You can do it.

I wonder

Is the magic of Idol gone?

I'm watching Idolatry on EW.com and it's making me think about conspiracies, and also making me bitter that Idol will never be the same again, and hasn't been good for years.

Noooo! AMERICA votes.


Feeling the need to get defensive

I'm certain it's because of the day of the month.

Gross, I'm sure, and probably too much information for you but I mean, don't say I didn't warn you.

I've had more than a few people give me crap about picking Anoop as my winner in my Idol pool. Now, unless you are in a pool and are actually being asked, 13 weeks out, who YOU think is going to win it all, I don't want to even HEAR your nonsense. Because that means you have no idea of the pressure involved here, or of the DAILY ribbing I receive from several sources because of the FACT that I picked Anoop Desai to win it all.

All you haters can go and fuck yourselves.

What would you prefer?

I pick Ms. Danny-"my tongue is always outside of my mouth and I have a gagillion pairs of glasses that probably aren't even prescription while I milk the fact that I am a widower"-Gokey to win the big prize? Even if that happens, or that is what I think will happen, I cannot even let myself put anywhere down on a written record that I actually endorse such a thing. I would rather lose.

Or would you rather I pick Ms. Adam - "I have gross acne scared skin but I really know how to use my straightening iron while wearing low neck V tee's and could I be ANY GAYER" - Lambert?? HUH? HUUUH???!?!

Or maybe, oh I don't know, Lil Rounds? Would you like me to pick her, even though she's not as good a singer but much nicer to look at than Fantasia would ALREADY WON?


No. I can't do it. I want you to honestly look at that list of what I had to choose from last week and tell me that you wouldn't have done the same thing in my shoes. LOOK AT IT!

I'm sorry I told you all to fuck yourselves. Really apologize about that. Anoop is probably going to be voted off this week and I'm visibly upset.

I DID warn you.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Coast to Coast

What is UP?

Today I returned from my nearly two week long trip across these great United States. From California to Massachusetts, I spanned the country with my dearest friend. It was amazing, glorious, hilarious and, well, stirring.

Now I am BACK and ready to talk Idol, bitches!!

As previously mentioned, I am in a pool this year, to bet and win money.

While on the trip, I had to choose my top 8 from season 8. This is the order,counting up from first plact (Number 1 takes it all) to number 8 (the 6th person to be voted off), that I think the contests will be voted off of Idol. (For those not in the know, there were 13 finalists this year):

1 Anoop Desai
2 Danny Gokey
3 Lil Rounds
4 Adam Lambert
5 Scott MacIntyre
6 Allison Iraheta
7 Michael Sarver
8 Alexis Grace

Now, if you're paying attention, you know that last night we went from 13 to 11. You will also know that Anoop, my choice to win it all, was in the bottom two male contestants.

Was I nervous? Yes!! I was planning on sticking a washcloth in my mouth, throwing on a pair of cutoffs, and crying in the shower if Anoop was kicked off. Think of the mortification!?!

However, this does not bode well. The odds are not in my favor for him to win. Very few people ever put in the bottom two go on to win the whole deal. I can't think of any, actually.


Let's hope things go better next week. I wish I had to his phone number so I could tell him to pick a better song, stupid!