Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feeling the need to get defensive

I'm certain it's because of the day of the month.

Gross, I'm sure, and probably too much information for you but I mean, don't say I didn't warn you.

I've had more than a few people give me crap about picking Anoop as my winner in my Idol pool. Now, unless you are in a pool and are actually being asked, 13 weeks out, who YOU think is going to win it all, I don't want to even HEAR your nonsense. Because that means you have no idea of the pressure involved here, or of the DAILY ribbing I receive from several sources because of the FACT that I picked Anoop Desai to win it all.

All you haters can go and fuck yourselves.

What would you prefer?

I pick Ms. Danny-"my tongue is always outside of my mouth and I have a gagillion pairs of glasses that probably aren't even prescription while I milk the fact that I am a widower"-Gokey to win the big prize? Even if that happens, or that is what I think will happen, I cannot even let myself put anywhere down on a written record that I actually endorse such a thing. I would rather lose.

Or would you rather I pick Ms. Adam - "I have gross acne scared skin but I really know how to use my straightening iron while wearing low neck V tee's and could I be ANY GAYER" - Lambert?? HUH? HUUUH???!?!

Or maybe, oh I don't know, Lil Rounds? Would you like me to pick her, even though she's not as good a singer but much nicer to look at than Fantasia would ALREADY WON?


No. I can't do it. I want you to honestly look at that list of what I had to choose from last week and tell me that you wouldn't have done the same thing in my shoes. LOOK AT IT!

I'm sorry I told you all to fuck yourselves. Really apologize about that. Anoop is probably going to be voted off this week and I'm visibly upset.

I DID warn you.

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