Sunday, December 23, 2012

50 shades of asshole

Ooohhhh... This is a real good one, that needs no context. Enjoy! From user names "50shadesgrey": haha, you seem to NOT be the normal complete trash on this have substance :). im quite interested and allured by you. Clearly i dont put much stock in this site so here is a bit more details about me :) Truth be told i am just out of something serious/sticky. not looking to jump back in but at the same time...and probably something you can COMPLETELY understand...we all have needs. I dont show my face because im not looking for the online NORM(SERIOUS dating) so i require a bit more discretion ;) however im not...i repeat NOT...some drunk asshole player frat type guy looking to FUCK any chick in sight. ive gotten all the one time random gross encounters out of my system in college. i now KNOW what i want...what im doing...and my looking for someone in the same boat. i desire SEXY...SMART...WITTY...COMPLICATED...COMPLEX....and yes a bit naughty. and im not talking like whips and chains and tie you up kind of talking QUALITY....knows what she is doing..LOVES IT...CRAVES IT...gets off on the thought of as much of a giver as i am....knows what she likes and doesnt...assertive...aggressive...but at the same time i understand that she is still the GIRL..and has the need to be HANDLED...thrown around..told what to do..told she is a good pulled...kissed deeply...gagged and choked a bit..spanked slapped and dominated...all that fun stuff ;). im looking for an EQUAL...someone who can handle a no stress no drama casual relationship because she understands that YES even though she is looking for something serious she understands at the same time that she has needs that need to be fulfilled and like me is very particular about who fills them. i hope this wasnt too much for you and i didnt scare you away. im honest and forward because i dont have time for games nor do i wanna hurt you...youre either up for this or youre not....we can start with texting/phone calls and go from there. i promise im worth it even if im not exactly what youre looking for...let me know ;)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

You've got to be shitting me

This will be a quick one, because I need a nap. From user stillavirgin1: "You have a nice smile. I'm Justin" Some choice snippets from our Virgin's profile: Big country music fan. Likes to swim. Not verygood at cooking. I like vanilla candles and lotion. I like to be given a good spanking with the wooden spoon. That is all. Isn't that enough?

Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Oh...oh HEY For my very small number of readers, you may already know that I am back on the dating wagon! Last go around, I know I posted some amazing english as second language stuff and this time around does not disappoint. Here, an exchange between myself and my "friend" who I will call Max: Max: hi stephphanie, how you doing Me: Let me guess...english is your second language? [I also read his profile before I responded] Max: its not exactly second language but i do have mother tong? English falls between first n second. how you guess? I am contacting you because of your smile and you live next me. Me: I can't tell if you are kidding or not Max: hows your are nice n kind Max: hey where you been. I want to met you Me: Sorry, not going to work out. Max: you make me sad. what you looking for. may be i will be your good friend. AWESOME, right? And now, a snippet from Max's profile: I have just moved to this area because of work. I am looking for friend with whom I can hang out and enjoy the time .I am an honest guy with a good sense of humor. I am like to visit new place. Going out for dinner and movies. spent time with friends watching games. grab cold beer and play pools in bar. I am average looking guy who is looking for sincere, loving woman in my life. And a few days later, an additional message from Max, as if he had forgotten all about our previous conversation: Hi Stephanie, You are gorgeous. Your smile is amazing. I hope you are having good time this summer. By the way, My name is Max and I work in west borough. I shit you NOT.