Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Oh...oh HEY For my very small number of readers, you may already know that I am back on the dating wagon! Last go around, I know I posted some amazing english as second language stuff and this time around does not disappoint. Here, an exchange between myself and my "friend" who I will call Max: Max: hi stephphanie, how you doing Me: Let me guess...english is your second language? [I also read his profile before I responded] Max: its not exactly second language but i do have mother tong? English falls between first n second. how you guess? I am contacting you because of your smile and you live next me. Me: I can't tell if you are kidding or not Max: hows your day.you are nice n kind Max: hey where you been. I want to met you Me: Sorry, not going to work out. Max: you make me sad. what you looking for. may be i will be your good friend. AWESOME, right? And now, a snippet from Max's profile: I have just moved to this area because of work. I am looking for friend with whom I can hang out and enjoy the time .I am an honest guy with a good sense of humor. I am like to visit new place. Going out for dinner and movies. spent time with friends watching games. grab cold beer and play pools in bar. I am average looking guy who is looking for sincere, loving woman in my life. And a few days later, an additional message from Max, as if he had forgotten all about our previous conversation: Hi Stephanie, You are gorgeous. Your smile is amazing. I hope you are having good time this summer. By the way, My name is Max and I work in west borough. I shit you NOT.

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Donald said...

Is there ever a situation where telling a woman you're versed in foreign tongues is ever a turn-on? A friend of mine, who spoke Spanish, French, English, and a little Italian and Chinese liked to use the line "I have many tongues under my belt."

So, really, ever a slick move? Not that "Max" was necessarily going down that road, but once you call it out, I thinks the innuendo is in play.

"you make me sad. what you looking for?" is the type of question that only ends in "clearly, not you." Nothing starts to bring a woman around like asking "why not me?" Not the sturdiest ground to choose.