Friday, February 20, 2009

two out of three is actually kind of good, right? I take a swim in the Idol Pool.

So I just re read my post from Idol the other night and was pretty impressed to see that I got two out of the three, first set of performing Top 12 performers OR the first three of the Top 12.

Confused? Well that just means you aren't paying attention to things I care about. Shame on you! You need to do that otherwise this shit will not be at all entertaining. Come now.

In my defense, if I had known that one of the three to go through HAD to be a girl (sigh, it makes complete sense now, how could I not have seen this??), I would have picked the girl to be Alexis. If I'm being 100% honest, I really thought Anoop would go through no matter what, Anoop and Danny Gokey, I thought those two were for sure.

At any rate, I'm really feeling good about being able to place high in this Idol pool I've joined. It's very exciting, and I'm kind of getting into trash talking on the board because I've been right about a lot so far. And plus these guys I'm in the pool with are just a bunch of frat head idiots who are trying to mask being obsessed with Idol by pretending it's all about the gambling. PAHleeease. There are so many other more masculine things you can GAMBLE on dudes! Why Idol, hmmm?

Yeah, as I was saying.

Most of the guys who post on the pool board are total pigs. And oh! apparently you can also justify watching Idol as a guy if you talk about how hot the ladies on the show are, or aren't.

Just admit it, dudes! YOU LIKE AMERICAN IDOL. Just accept it so we can all stop pretending. It's so annoying for the rest of us.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Idol, Live Again

So for a while, I didn't have a computer at home. But that only explains some of the reason why you haven't heard from me in over a month.

To be honest, things are really good and I didn't have anything to whine about. And my blog is mostly about whining and complaining. Let's be honest.

All that changes right now. Nothing can get me worked up quite like Idol.

The format is all different this year and it's really messing up my flow. Also, I've joined a pool this year. I don't usually gamble, but if there is one thing I will gamble on, it's Idol.

The format is all f-ed up, and you can totally tell from this first live show. No one knows what the hell is going on and everyone is running into each other. Tapes aren't running, what a hot mess. It's almost refreshing to see that they don't have their shit together, but unsettling at the same time.

The run down:

Jackie: I liked Jackie, I really did. But we know you're a goof ball, so how about you sing for us?

Ricky: Super talented, totally forgettable.

Alexis: You're good, but America will not understand young child + pink hair.

Brent: Ugh, shut up. No one cares that you want to be a country star.

Stevie: Tragic, tragic performance. Ugh I actually feel bad for her.

Anoop: WTF, man?? Why did you pick such a LAME song? I'll vote for you because I know you are soooo much better. Simon is even pissed. I know it!

Casey: I work at a tea shop and have hair extensions. Don't try to sing Sting, little girl. It will bite you every time. Put a fork in it!! SHE'S DONE.

Michael Sarver: I've loved this guy from the beginning. He's one of my early picks. I don't like his shirt.

Ann Marie: I'm very uninspired. You can see in her eyes that she knows she's done.

Steve Fowler: I'm not sure he deserved a second chance. What is up with these song choices!??! holy crap awfulness.

Tatiana: She can sing, but she's such a mess on a personal level. She'll make a fantastic telenovela star, though. That is really what she should do. I'll write her a letter.

Danny Gokey: Dead wife guy!! I'm not sure why he sang Maria Carey, but it worked in parts. I just hope he doesn't peek too early, Archuleta style.

Three will make it.

My hope: Anoop, Michael Sarver, Danny Gokey.

*fingers crossed*