Monday, March 14, 2005

This question needs an answer

Horrible news alert:
Mario, my favorite American Idol contestant, has left the show for "personal reasons.",6115,1037726_10_0_,00.html

It all seems very questionable and sketchy. But, then again, it just wouldn't be exciting if there wasn't some sort of scandal. I bet the producers payed him to give some lame excuse to leave in order to generate interest, as if their ratings weren't high enough already. I guess I'll get over it and develop and new favorite. As if the producers have left me with another choice. I wish they hadn't brought back Nikko though. I don't like him. He's creepy.

I had a pretty laid back, boyfriend-free weekend for the first time in I don't even know how long. It seemed odd at some level, especially since he interpreted "down time" as "we couldn't talk at all" time, and did not call me (nor did I call him...battle of the wills, people) for the entire weekend. We are both extremely stubborn, so who knows if we will ever speak again.

Also: PMS reached it's all time peak last night. I hate to use it as an excuse (but I will), but it really does send me soaring and turn me into a very different person (pathetic, blubbering, very VERY angry) for one week out of the month. It's intensity is varying and this month, the week of PMS gets 5 stars.

When I pulled into my driveway after eight hours of laying on my cousin's couch and watching bad/Lifetime movies and eating Chinese food (Thanks Smartygirl), the lesbians [insert politically incorrect explitive] that live downstairs had parked half in their spot and half in mine, which I had shoveled the very heavy slush out of earlier that day. My anger peaked, followed by a blubbering phone call to my sister about above boyfriend situation. She calmed me down and I have returned to normalcy (?).

But I still don't understand men. Are you all big dumb fatheads?


The Dummy said...

Uh.. I plead the Fifth Amendment.

Steph said...

Me too...
I guess women can be impossible too...sometimes...