Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Do you love it?? (That's TWO question marks, people)

I've changed the look of my blog again...I know. The previous format was really bothering me with its off-center text blocks and large spaces between words. I'm neurotic and anal so this suites me a little better. Much more organized. Good stuff.

I have to say I'm uninspired today. It's raining here in good old "It's snows about every four days and people are depressed out of their minds for lack of sunshine" New England. It will turn to snow shortly, I'm sure. Then, tomorrow morning, I'll walk across the street and get here right at 9 (I'm so punctual) while everyone else rolls in around 9:30, 9:45, claiming that the weather is just AWFUL and that the commute "killed them." I haven't always walked to work. I understand a commute. I understand a commute in bad weather, driving from the middle of nowhere into civilization even better. Shut up. I don't want to hear about it. I hate all of you.

In other news, I only half watched the Idol last night. I don't know...I had a long day due to the fact that I was stranded in Connecticut, watching movies and cuddling while the radiator in my little sexpot was yanked and replaced. I was just upset because I really wanted to come into work and stare at my computer while being constantly reminded that my job neither challenges or stimulates me in anyway whatsoever. From what I saw, the boys were good...I voted for Mario and a Bobby Brown song was butchered by Travis and his patterened dance moves. I think Scott and Travis are going home tonight...and I'm not that broken up about it. I'll take good notes for the girls and have a full report tomorrow...I promise. Suzie might be the only one who cares, but that's one more person than before. Yes! I'm famous!

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