Monday, March 21, 2005

"I have too many friends"

Ugh...the Starfish strikes again. If you forgot what an arrogant, no talent ass-clown he is, click here.

While trying to make idle chit chat with him this morning (painful), I asked him about Friendster which is, sadly, a new obsession of mine (insert pitiful "awww" here). And his response was "Why would I do that? I already have too many friends."

Uhm. Who says that?

I think he means "acquaintances" and not real "friends."

He probably considers the entire active player list of the Syracuse basketball team (don't know the name, don't care) his "friends."

I can't stand him.

Oh and...I'll start that job search soon. The Doll had me go downstairs to fetch his lunch today because he was "expecting an important call." An important call from whom? I hope it was from some idiot who wants to buy this shameful excuse for a business.

I'm next out of here god dammit!!

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