Thursday, March 24, 2005

"He's not heavy, he's my brother"


What if I have a fat brother?

The name of this song is stupid. Yes, that's right, just friggin stupid.

The performance, however, was actually pretty good. I'm actually impressed.

But not impressed enough to not be pissed at these people anymore. I'm still upset that last night wasn't actually a do-over. They just replayed the same performances. LAME. Let's straighten out what "do-over" means. It means doing something OVER, as in...again. Not what happened, not at all.

The Ford commercial with Smashmouth's "All Star"? That was never a good song. Ev.Er.

I want Nikko to go because for whatever reason, I think he's super creepy. I'm sorry I can't put my finger on it.
I'd like Constantine to leave as well, but for some reason, he hangs on. Maybe it's his hair, or leather pants. I don't know.

Anthony is lame. I was reading this EW article about his performance being good and I almost choked on my banana. The boy can't move his hips without looking like he's humping something! This Michael Slezak is apparently deaf in at least one ear.

Carrie rocks. I've already gone over this.
But Jessica is my favorite. And her slight overbite makes her that much more endearing because she isn't perfect. The last thing this world needs is more perfect people.

I used to be on board with Anwar, I really did. But he was so stiff last night. And he looks so much better than me in those jeans, which isn't fair.

Mikhala...oh Mikhala. I think you're going home tonight.

And...I'm right.

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