Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Down...but not out!

So Allie is going to be visiting from California in a month. I'm so excited as I miss her so! This is a piece of good news that was most welcome yesterday, as I was not in the best form. There is no need to relive it, so I'll just leave it at that. Let's just say that I watched Seabiscuit in order to take my mind off things. I still can't believe it was nominated for Best Picture last year. Maybe the book is better.

SO...I'm a little behind on my Idol update. Let me begin there.

Monday, February 28: THE GUYS

Mario: I have no idea what song you sang, but I really do adore you. If anyone else were to wear a white hat with matching jacket, I'm sure I would protest but not you, my love. (Stay tuned for fictional dialogue between myself and Mario, my fake boyfriend)

Anwar: I'm not sure about the faux fatigue jacket. He rocked the yellow leather jacket much harder last week. And the song was lame. I'm so so sorry.

Joe: Joe reminds me of every frat boy I've ever had the misfortune of coming into contact with. Against my better judgment, I thought he did a nice job tonight. Simon did call him a cabaret singer but I think this insult is getting old/repetitive.

David: Something about him is creepy and I hope he gets voted off soon. His clothes are always too big like he wants to hide the heat he's packing (turtleneck?!?!) and his hairline gives me the heebie jeebies, big time.

Constantine: He belted out one of my favorite rock songs and did it with little abandon. I admire that but I'm still on the fence. Oh, and to my cousin...I think "dangerous" was poking fun at himself...if you can see the irony...

Scott Savol: I'm not sure about a couple of things here: chin strap, sunglasses (again), dog tags, pink shirt...what's going on here? He was more endearing when he looked like a "real" loser.

Travis: If you are going to tuck your beater into your jeans, Travis, please wear a belt. Simon should have made a "cruise ship" comment out of this one. However, he took cheese to the max, which is partially redeeming.

Nikko: Oh Nikko. I want to like you, I really do but you also give me the creeps. I think this time it was the all black suit that didn't fit properly and the song about sexual prowess. One word: Ew.

Anthony: For the record, I love Richard Marx songs. His performance was lame and disappointing and he won't last. When the judges listen to the playback, I think they'll agree.

Bo: I'm usually not into the rocker who flirts with the microphone and has visible pit stains or embroidery on their shirt. But I loved this. I had goosebumps. I'm humbled.

*Conclusion: My cousin and I have very different taste in men.

Tuesday, March 1st: THE LADIES
*Let me preface this by saying it was an overall disappointment and I wasn't in the best mood. OH...and I was partially sedated.

Aloha: Her comment about chicken before her performance was awesome. This was the first butchered Alicia Keyes song of the evening. Aloha, I love your quirky pink shift but this was not your best turn out.

Lindsay: Totally forgettable.

Jessica: If I could, I would have voted for this little number. Her outfit was so very hot, although it would have looked like crap on me. She's super cute and has quite the set of pipes. Apparently, I can't call the Idol hotline from my cell phone so crew them. I'll use mind control.

Mikala: I'm surprised...pleasantly so. I may have been a little harsh last week. Good show.

Celena: Second totally forgettable performance of the evening. But she was wearing earrings that resemble a beaded curtain so she had some of my attention.

Nadia: She's cute. She can't sing as well as the others, though.

Amanda: She looked good....but Turn the Beat Around? You could have done better, miss.

Janay: Horrible all the way around. Blue Cantrel song. Poor thing. Her bangs...her shirt...her stache. You poor, poor girl.

Carrie: Although I don't agree with one-toned demin outfits, she's really cute and I really like her.

Vonzel...Allie called and I missed it. I'm sure it wasn't a terrible loss.

Tonight...Four more people go home!! THE DRAMA...THE HEARTACHE.

Two words: Bring it.

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