Thursday, February 03, 2005

Employee Profile: The Starfish

Here at the agency, we're split into two different departments: management (that's mine) and creative. Today's profile will highlight the leader of the "other" department.

The Starfish is our "Creative Director." He is one of the most pompous, arrogant, loud and impossible people I have ever met. I tend to think that his overdone personality branches from some father/son issues, but I really don't know him well enough to make any sort of accurate statement. I can say, however, that the above character traits are trying to overcompensate for the fact that he has the face and body of a 12 year old (maybe 13 if I'm being generous).

I call him The Starfish because he's constantly regenerating, even if he gets shot down. He pushes his ideas and opinions to the point of submission and exhaustion. He says something in 20 minutes that he could say in 2. He thinks he is God's gift to our industry.

I can't stand him.

The Starfish also thinks I'm his secretary. Despite the fact that he has absolutely no jurisdiction over me or any of my daily duties, he asks me to make his phone calls, write his emails and follow through on his "projects." He even had the nerve one day to tell me (no, not ask) to put away a display for him. I said no, of course.

He's an overgrown child who has been handed some serious (only in terms of this place, people) power and responsibility. I just think he's an overpaid twit.

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