Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Addictions: Part 2 in a multi-part series

So, I think I'm coping fairly well with the break-up. It was about a year and a half and we have a long, happy history together, but I guess I need to move on. Dr. Isaacs, why don't you love me anymore?

I'm almost over it. What I'm not over is how my sister is being an idiot. Listen, I love her to death but she has no idea how to just relax and let herself heal from her operation. I try to be kind but if she needs to go to the ER again, I'm completely losing patience. And yes, I'm covering my worry and concern with bitchiness. It's what I do.

Now, onto the real news: Tonight's Idol (duh)

I have to say, the ladies did a much better job than the gentleman. I was more impressed and took more notes (the two are directly correlated).

Here we go:

1. Vonzel. Let's just all admit it...having to go first is a total curse. It never works out in your favor. She looked really cute and I have a fondness for her mail carrier alter ego in some strange way.

2. Amanda. She's cute I guess (if you like flat-chested fakes) but I'm all set. Simon made this AWFUL comment about how he wants to be her microphone in his next life. EW. She's not even that hot!!! I was...appalled. But I also loved it, of course.

3. Janay. Bad dress, bad song...that's all.

4. Carrie. Oh Carrie, your dress was so cute and you are just THE CUTEST. This girl can sing, too. Mad props. I *may* have voted for her.

5. Sarah...I honestly don't remember this one. I even took notes...all I have written down is white hoop earrings. That should be enough.

6. Melinda. Eh. She had some weird dance moves for a ballad, sort of like low squats. But not cool, like Fantasia would do.

7. Nadia. First of all, this girl has a SWEET fro, which I know I've mentioned before. Second of all, she has the tightest little bod that makes me want to KILL her and steal her body parts and trade them for mine. She's friggin adorable though, despite my obvious jealousy.

8. Celina. Belly shirt. Do you have to remind the rest of us that we DON'T have a four pack?

9. Mikala. We meet again. My opinion has changed in an instant. Tonight she tried to channel Taylor Dane and it looked like Glamour Shots did her make up. The best part of her performace though, was a cut to Constantine who was sitting and staring into space when he was *supposed* to be clapping for her. HHAHAHAHAH.

10. Lindsay. She was wearing a bra outside her shirt. I couldn't listen to her sing because my eyes were bleeding and it was running into my ears.

11. Jessica. I like her. She seems like a firecracker and she sang one of my favorite guilty pleasure power ballads. She's cute.

12. Aloha. Oh I'll work it out with you, Aloha! DAMN, this girl is sexy AND she can move AND she can actually sing. I think we may have the Jennifer Hudson of this season....if we're comparing.

I got to vote for my two favorites. Then, when I tried to get through again later, my call could not be connected. I had to make sure I was dialing the right number.

Now I'm just confused.

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