Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Yes Virginia, there are good jobs out there

Work has been relatively busy (huge shocker) and I haven't had too much time to write lengthy, award-worthy posts. I may even lose my steam today. Brace yourself.

I had another interview yesterday. It's a promotion position for a newspaper group and it would be a great opportunity to actually accomplish day to day tasks that mean...something. I think it went well but we know what happened last time when I thought it went well. They are also moving their office closer to where I would like to relocate, so this would all work out great. I sent her some samples of things that I've worked on which I hope will at least mildly impress her. We'll see. It's a small department and one of my potential co-workers was quite the firecracker. I should know soon.

In other news, I have chopped all of my hair off again. It looks fabulous, of course. I was "growing it out" for the past 6 months or so and it just didn't do much for me. So, I went and got the whole thing done...cut, color and $150 later, I'm diggin it. Yes, I said $150. Which brings me to my next topic...

I may also have made a small error on my state tax return which I know is no big deal AT ALL but of course I'm paranoyed about it now. They'll come after me in like 10 years and mutter something about compound interest and how I owe them $10,000 for back taxes. Awesome. I'm sure that will yield all kinds of nightmares. I know my federal taxes aren't fraudulent. far. I deserve it all back, god dammit! I don't ask the government for anything...NOTHING. What do they take so much away? WHY DO THEY HATE ME?

Phew. I feel better.

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