Thursday, February 10, 2005


I have an impending feeling of doom. Maybe it's because at certain moments throughout the day, I have deep regrets about chopping my hair. Or maybe it's because my manager knows I'm looking for another job.

Or maybe it's because I feel like I am forever stuck in a lame-ass job and shit hole apartment. Some sort of mediocre purgatory where I am forever made to cope with the so-so.

oh god.

I'm not getting a good vibe at all about this job I interviewed for on Tuesday. I've gotten some curt emails from the VP over there and I feel like I'm bothering her. I'm sure I'm being insecure, but usually my instincts are right about this sort of thing.


Not even the phat check I got from my Dad in the mail yesterday (Surprise!) is making me feel better. There are just so many different debts I could spend it on.