Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Where's the fork? I'm done.

I don't know why I let this place get me all worked up. Maybe it's the lack of anything better to think about or maybe it's just because I spend so much time here. At any rate, I've peaked this afternoon.

The Doll (see previous post as Employee Profile entry) has just sent us the following email:

I'm going to pass out to you now, a proposed survey for you to review and comment on.

My intention is to have AEs present it to a selected group of HR clients. I envision it being done in a scheduled phone call, perhaps with them getting a copy ahead of time or at the beginning to make it easier. But I think it's important for you to be talking with them as they - or you - fill it out.

My purpose is to scope out their attitudesabout what we do, and opportunities for what we could do for them. It is very focused on those 2 subjects.

PLease read and absorb and then I'd like your feedback.

The list of potentials to receive it is below. Give me your feedback on those too.

Thanks, XXX.

Even though he was giving everyone the same thing, he put them face down on our desks. I felt like I was in 8th grade and getting a test back. While he was passing them out, he was whistling and scatting which are two habits I find particulary annoying. It's like he gets joy out of torturing us and making us do meaningless things.

Now, we did this whole song and dance about a year ago and went round and round and round about how we're basically asking our clients to do us a favor and then do nothing with the information, just like we do nothing with everything else we get.

There is no purpose.

I've lost my will. I'm playing Solitaire for the next 40 minutes.


Melissa said...

The grammer in that letter is atrocious. Slip a copy of the Elements of Style under his office door, would you?

Steph said...

Oh I know...he's such an idiot.

Sad thing is...he's got a copy on his desk.

Melissa said...

Oh my. That speaks volumes, doesn't it?