Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Non-Healing Paper Cut

So I have this paper cut in that really sensitive skin that connects my thumb to my index finger on my left hand. It refuses to heal, partially because with every movement of my hand, the healing process has to restart. Poor small papercut. Poor open wound. It's sad.

In other news:

I needed a good dose of happy due to all of the crappy things that have been going on. My father has most certainly delivered. Now, I know there are so many people out there who are not huge fans of their Dad or have bad relationships, don't speak, etc. and that's a real shame to me. I do understand, however, because I myself have an estranged mother. Don't worry, I'm in therapy for that. And I know it's not my fault.

Anyway, my Dad called me today and told me he sold 13 trucks last week. He sells the big, huge, 18 wheelers so you can imagine what kind of dough he took away from that. He tells me he wants to give me some of it, maybe pay off a student loan or two. Uhm...YES?!?!?!

But here's the problem: I have this strange determination to do everything on my own and not need anyone to help me do anything. It's an odd, independency thing I have going. I'm trying to cure myself of it. We'll see if and how I will swallow my pride.

I need to quickly mention my jaunt to the gym last night and what I call "The Park, Don't Walk" Phenomenon. My gym is in a part of town with limited parking spaces. It has become more of a problem recently because of all this god damn snow. There are about 20 parking spots right in front, a larger lot in back and then street parking as well as a UPS warehouse lot that we are allowed to park in. Each of these is further and further away from the gym entrance BUT, the further away you get, the less hassle you have to deal with even IF you need to do a little extra walking. After all, I did drive there to get exercise, so walking from my car to the gym should be an added bonus as long as I am properly suited up for the cold winter months. Apparently, I am in the minority with this attitude because every time I go after work, there are at least five cars waiting in line for the closer parking lot when they can just as easily go a little way down the street and NOT have to wait. Last time, the situation was particularily harrowing because two cars were fighting for the same prime spot. I actually almost got hit on my way out because of the competition. It's reverse logic to me. Didn't they drive here in order to move their lazy asses and NOW they need to park RIGHT next to door?

I'm completely perplexed.