Friday, February 25, 2005

That sound you make when you put your finger to your lips, move it up and down and hum


There's work to be done here at the ole office. But I don't want to do it. I don't want to make that inevitable phone call to follow up on whatever. I don't want to file anything. I don't want to get up out of my chair to walk to the fax machine. I'm just all set.

I want to write about the dream I had last night. Per usual, I don't remember much of it but only the important parts matter. Maybe I'll make some other stuff up to make it interesting. You'll never know and you'd rather read to be entertained anyway. Don't lie.

So I'm in my family's vacation home on Cape Cod, but it doesn't look like the actual house. Everything is larger, more colorful (in a good way) and there are people milling around that I feel like I should recognize but don't. In other words, just like a family function for my father's side when I'm actually awake. Anyway...apparently there is a wedding about to take place and my date happens to be my ex boyfriend (if you can call him that) from 8th grade who I once pantzed in his pool (hahahhaha...that's still awesome). My current boyfriend in awake life was supposed to be my date (I think) but instead I am going with this other guy, who still looks like he did in 8th grade and is also sleeping in the same bed with me.

Then I get a package...well, more like a big envelope with stickers and pictures all over it. It's from my current boyfriend. Inside, there are pictures of him when he was little, from high school and other various random things. But there are also pictures of me from when I was growing up. Then there is this long note from him about how he wants me to go with him to all of these weddings and family functions that he needs a date for and will I?

Then I start crying (why? not sure) and 8th grade boy tries to comfort me. I think I was wearing some hideous bridesmaid dress, but I might be getting it confused with the curtains. I end up taking it off and changing into an even uglier dress, saying my goodbyes to 8th grade, getting on an horse (uhm) and asking a cab driver (on the Cape?) for directions to New Jersey (god...why??).

Super fucking weird.

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