Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I got a voice mail from my therapist of over a year a half this morning. She said she has an "illness" and cannot continue her practice. That's it...I have to find someone new. She left no referrals, no further information. I feel robbed but strangely, not very surprised. She seemed a little off lately, kind of off kilter. She's helped me so much since I've been seeing her that I should be panicking, but I'm not. I'm still trying to figure out if this is good or bad.

In other news, the first round of live performances was on The Idol last night.

Because I'm completely, shamelessly and hopelessly hooked and I just love the overexposure (on three nights this week!), I took some notes:

Monday, February 21st, 8pm - 9pm, The 12 "boys" (thanks Seacrest) perform in front of a live studio audience for the first time:

1. Nikko. I don't want to be your part-time lover, especially with that weird red shirt/black tie/black hat tilted to one side combo. Decent performance but...gave me the feeling that something was trying to crawl inside my vag.

2. Scott "I look like an ax murderer" Savol. Decent performance and a pretty nice striped shirt but I wasn't moved.

3. Anthony. Oh Anthony...you are not Clay Aiken. Can you accept that and move on? I'm waiting for my cousin to write like this "re-Clay" in her LJ. I can't wait. He has an awesome voice but picked such a shitty song. Maybe you'll make it to next week and get another chance, Anthony. Otherwise, I'm really not heartbroken.

4. Bo Bice. Oh Bo. You have beautiful long, flowing hair and I like how you rock out BUT you and I both know that you're not gonna be the next American Idol. Sad, but true.

5. Travis Tucker. First of all...pleated pants, Travis?? NO. You should bitch slap the stylist that told you those were a good choice. You looked like a preacher on his day off. Just...no.

6. Constantine. See #4 AND...A Seal Song? Are you kidding? And what's with your scarf, Constantine? Did you steal that from Kelly for good luck?

7. David Brown. Oh god. I actually liked his voice but I was completely distracted by his poor choice of clothing. His shirt and pants were about three sizes too big for him. He looked like a former fat man who got his stomach stapled and didn't have time to shop for new clothes. Ew.

8. Jared Yates. Jared...what are you wearing? Is that a velvet shirt? And the chain wallet? This is not a scene from Swingers, my friend. You cannot, under any circumstance, rock a chain wallet. OH...and you're not cute.

9. Anwar. Oh Anwar...it took balls to wear that yellow leather jacket and although I don't agree with it, you rocked it and you rocked it hard. I adore you, although I didn't vote for you. Maybe if you continue to wow me...and Mario gets booted...and the sky starts to fall.

**At this point in the show, Seacrest made a poignant comment about overexposure. I love when The Idol makes fun of itself. It makes the experience of watching it so much sweeter.

10. Judd. I didn't make any notes on him, which means that he wasn't memorable and sucks.

11. Joseph. He sang a Michael Bolton song. Oh my goodness...

12. Mario. I love Mario. I adore him...I even voted for him. I had to keep calling because the line was busy for the first half hour after the show. I am completely and totally putting it out there that he will win. I'm just...he's so yummy!

Now that I have shown how I am still 16, I'm going to continue my day.



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