Friday, April 06, 2007

this blog is ridiculously self indulgent

I feel like such a fun sucker.

I should have much more stamina and energy for going out, having a good time...I should want to try and find guys to hit on. Right?

I had the hair going on, some seriously fantastic eye make up (thank you, MAC) and even thought myself looking on the skinnier side. Good for me, right?

Tonight was really fun. It would have been more fun if everyone had stopped asking me whether or not I was having fun, and if no one had given me a hard time about the amount of alcohol I was drinking. That was just annoying. Just leave it alone. I had a great time, nonetheless.

At any rate, tonight was my send off from my old job, with most of my work peeps in attendance...or at least the ones who matter. It's interesting how you become friends with people at work that you may have never become friends with otherwise. It is also humbling. Tonight, I was humbled. It feels good, but it also makes me feel like a know it all up until this point. So I've told myself to shut the fuck up.

Because guess what? The world happens to be so much bigger than Stephanie, and she still has so much to learn about it and herself.

(Who knew?)

I should never write in the third person. Ever.

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