Thursday, April 26, 2007

Celibacy must be the answer

Hello hello.

Oh Match Peter. You are a retard.

All week, I have been initiating all contact with Match Peter. He has done none on his own. Sure, he keeps returning my texts and emails but...what's a girl to think?

Survey says...He's just not that into you. And, because I can be a real psycho girl, I've been all tied up about it all week. I hate not knowing...Will I see him again? Will this go anywhere? Talking about it ad nauseaum with some amazing friends, and I was even getting sick of hearing about it.

SO...we had made "sort of" plans for Saturday but I didn't hear from him at all today SO I made a decision. I didn't want to drag this out until Saturday. I want my fucking watch back. (Yeah, I left it as his place. I DID NOT do this on purpose.)And from what I can tell, he just is not that into me.

So I send a text...he ends up CALLING me (for the second time EVER), asking me what's up, aren't we hanging out on Saturday?

As you may imagine, I exploded. "What's UP? You're not into me and it's obvious." NEW NEWS to him, he says. Then he mumbles something about "stability" and "normalcy" and I get WAY pissed off and then he says "this always happens." I I even need to go into this any more?

The conversation ended with him not being able to talk about it at work. Fine.

We agreed to meet after his Yoga class in Somerville at 9:15 this evening.

Now...this is the tough part. I had TONS of fun with Match Peter. I was a blast. I like him, I like his hot bod, I like his personality, I like that he likes me. Did I mention the hot bod?

Depending on how it goes, I'm not putting it past myself to sleep with him and run with my watch, never to speak to him again.

And then I think, if I can do it with a straight face and get away with it...oh man...that would really kick ass.

What will most likely happen? He will open his mouth and I will want to leave immediately.

But at least I will have my watch back.

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