Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I love my life, I have no dreams

While I was doing the dishes, I was thinking about what I should write about.

I could talk about my dating life, but I had a bit of a break down earlier today, from which I have recovered, and I'm sick of rehashing the whole game. I think I need to be done with dating for a while. I'll have another go at it some other time. The universe doesn't have to hit me over the head with it anymore.

Entertainment Tonight used to be good. I remember once when I enjoyed watching it. So I tuned to it tonight at 7:30 for a change, as my usual background noise while I'm settling in for American Idol is The Simpsons.

ET is so bad that I can't look away, and I find myself shaking my head with my mouth half open in disgust. It is barrel bottom celebrity trash talk about B rated nobodys. One of the top stories for Thursdays upcoming show: Olivia Newton John and her anorexic daughter (I've already forgotten her name). Who the hell cares about this? I feel insulted that ET would even believe for a millisecond that this topic interests me AT ALL. I want Lindsay Lohan, I want Britney, I want some decent, meaty shit. If they are going to do it, they need to just take it all the way. It needs to be completely shameless, like anything on E! That channel is amazing and priceless (for the most part). A topic for tomorrow's ET show? Larry Dickhead with Danny Lynn "on a blanket" posing in some seedy magazine. What an asshole. I don't think I need to explain why.

Idol Gives Back. Really?

We'll see.

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