Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Don't mess with me

Match.com has reported an "issue" with my new profile. Huh? I changed some words around for various things that may be considered sexual or racist or whatever (which is nothing) and it better go through this time.

Meanwhile...American Idol is on and the multimedia is giving me a headache.

The download:
Tony Bennett week is not my favorite. Yawn!! Should they sing the songs like they are written, Tony? Should they??

Blake: Always good, great voice. Something about his mouth still creeps me out.

Phil: Put a hat on and go home to your new baby. He gives me the creeps and, per usual, Paula has no idea what she's talking about.

(Speaking of Paula...the blazer, the scarf? None of it makes sense. Randy is gaining back all of his weight and Simon is showing chest hair. Nice henley!)

Melinda: Great hair, great dress. Love it. Duh. She's always amazing...when she's singing. When she's not, I feel as though there is something slightly...off about her. Is this like a Kelly Pickler deer in headlights deal or what?

Chris: The stylists seem to be pushing for the JT look alike thing. I don't get the useless suspender straps. But he's cute and he's talented.

Jordin: So cute, so young, so joyous. She's young and doesn't know yet...

Gina!: Hate the dress and the hair. I think Simon was a bit rough on her. She sang it well.

Sanjaya: I threw up. Everywhere. And then I laughed my ass off when Simon called him "Incredible."

(Match still hasn't approved my Portrait!!!! Grrrr)

Haley: Three words: Green disco ball. Way to flaunt the hooch...again. She needs to go.

Lakisha: I was worried one of her boobs were going to pop out. But she's diva-licious, of course.

I hate when people are in my apartment at 9 at night on a Tuesday and I need to go into the kitchen in my pajamas. I don't want to say hi to anyone or see anyone. I just want to get my fudge pop and be done with it.

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