Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Idol gives me a headache

I think a play by play is completely appropriate for this particular episode. I turned my phone off and everything.

You know I love everything American Idol, and I understand that they are trying to do a good thing with this. Raise some money, save some lives, give America a kick in the ass. I really get it. But it's futile. I suppose what discourages me the most is that, while this intro of Simon and Ryan amongst the impoverished in Africa is moving (in its own way), it will be forgotten about by *almost* everyone who saw it...and it will take about three minutes. Probably less. I give American too much credit. Oh...and the music in the background is Coldplay. Do I need to say more?

Am I being a hypocrite? Why yes, yes I am.

Song choices are something about the human condition blah blah blah. I think I heard something about Bono earlier, but I hope it was a daymare. Unlike most of the Earth, I can't stand Bono. I think he's a pretentious prick.

Chris is singing Eric Clapton "If I Could Change the World" and it's awful. Wrong song. Poor Chris. He knows he's not winning anyway. Valient effort to save it at the end but it still sucked. Hard. Randy thinks it was good, so does Paula. Simon...? He liked it. Hmm...I thought it was pretty shitty. Whatever.

Everyone has two numbers for voting. I forgot they do that when they get down to six.

Twice as much time to vote!!!

More footage...now from the US. Randy goes to Louisiana, his home state. Rural Kentucky...oye. Arizona...Atlanta, Ryan's home town...Paula hugging children

Melinda is singing Faith Hill. She looks good and she has lost that weird humble shrinking neck thing (for the most part). Uh huh...

Eh...maybe it's just me, but I'm not into this. It's too much of a lovefest. Ew. Where's the mean? Bring nasty back!!

I hope that doesn't make me a horrible person...much.

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