Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I just want to color in my pirate

Today was my first day at the new place. It was good. It felt like I'd been there for a while, which means I fit right in. It's super different. I can eat at my desk! There is a lot less activity within the office, but so much more outside!

Basically, I'm getting paid a whole ton more to do much less work. It's pretty fantastic.

But I'm tired. It was a bit draining. I had quite a bit thrown at me today and I'm still absorbing.

And plus, all I was thinking about all day was coming home to color. I didn't even realize that American Idol is on tonight. I'm a coloring addict. The pirate is just asking me to color him in tonight. His hat, his telescope, his feathered cap...I can't wait!

Oh! Match Peter (formally known by another name that also started with "P" but I thought better of it and changed it) emailed me today with a pretty funny link.

For your pleasure:

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