Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dating for Idiots

Is there a book? Maybe a graph or something? Pie chart? Reference library?

It is just about 100% clear to me that Match Peter isn't Mr. Right. Do I still pursue? Do I continue to put myself out there? Eh...probably not. I think I'll let him come to me. The laws of communication and the games I play in my own head. I called him last night and why? I think he's fun and girls can be horny, too. He returned my call...I was asleep. So I texted him today, we went back and forth for a bit, and he doesn't reply to my last text, hours ago. I don't get it.

I hate the game and I hate wondering what the hell is going on. Do you like me or do you not like me?

Match Peter mentioned something about his last long term relationship being a "big mess" and "not getting into anything right away" or something like that. His profile says something about trust so I wonder what the story is there. I'm not asking. He's pretty fun, but I doubt he's the one.

I think I'm making such great progress with this realization. Yay for me!

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