Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Revolution in my Evolution

HSHT strikes again, in a BIG way.

We all sat down for our meeting this morning to be met with more extremely vague language about the "direction" of the company. I really can't even tell you a word he said, EXCEPT that the "direction" would not lead to a revolution, but it would be a slower process, like Evolution. This man has an amazing ability to speak without really saying anything at all. It's...shocking.

Now, the last time I checked, Evolution is something that is observed over thousands of years. So....do we have to wait that long for him to actually tell us his ideas?

It's looking that way.

Despite that self-righteous crap, I am having a great day today. Maybe it's that the sun has finally come out and all the snow has finally melted, or maybe it's because I've lost my mind and I just don't care anymore. It's past THE ROT. I think it's progressed into THE NOT.

I could really just care less.

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