Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Opposites Attract...and you know!

It ain't fiction, you know it's a fact (It's a fact)
We come together 'cause opposites opposites attract

An Ode to Paul Abdul:

In your time of need I can only hope you know how much I stand by you, Paula.

My first kiss happened during your hit "Rush, Rush" and many nights were spent pining away for your hip dance movies and sassy 90s fashion.

My extremely successful dance career began at 12 with a stunning rendition of your "Cold Hearted Snake" video, which remains the stuff that legends are made of.

Spellbound is still my favorite guilty pleasure. I'm always blowin kisses in the wind, girl.

"Vibeology" still sends my heart aflutter, thinking of you in your black cat suit, grinding to the beat.

Straight Up Now Tell Me, Paula: Are you really gonna let this get you down?


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