Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Less than stimulating

I'm still at work and get to go home in about 15 minutes, so this may be cut short (read: no links). I want to write it, but at the same time, I really kinda don't because work sucked today and I hate everyone.

The Idol is really starting to suck. This saddens me and makes me want to call those assholes over at Fox BUT it doesn't mean I will ever stop watching. Of course I will always watch.

Hi, my name is Stephanie....and I'm addicted to American Idol, no matter how hack or disturbing it may become.

Last night's theme was "Songs from the Year you were Born." What a sorry excuse for a theme. They really seem to be running out of ideas. Simon does look really tired.

Nadia sings a song that no one knows and Simon tells her she'll probably get kicked off. I think she has too much affect in her voice and her face when she performs. I also hate her because she looks so good in everything AND because she bites her lower lip when she smiles. That will always bother me.

Bo Bice was pretty good and lost the shiny shirt this week, which was a relief. His long, stringy hair is actually growing on me. Oh...and the fact that his real name may or may not be Bogart. That's just...precious.

Anwar sings a Dionne Warwick song, which goes to show that he actually is gay. The half open shirt to reveal a hairless chest supports this theory further. Go me.

Anthony was born in 1985 which makes me feel old. I know I was born only 5 years earlier but it still seems like so much. I really wish I could have been born in '79. That was such a good year, wasn't it? Anyway, Anthony needs to stop humping the air. Still, he sang pretty well...if you like that high pitched crooner sort of thing, which I do not.

At this point, I would like to mention Johnny Damon's new commerical for Puma. I never thought he was all that attractive, but put a paper bag over his head and I WANT THAT ASS. He has a fiiiiiiiiiine bod. I had to wipe the drool off of my chin after that. Oh man, just thinking about it is making me randy.

Also, the scary Six Flag's mascot has returned. Begin nightmares of getting attached by a dancing geriatric.

Vonzell sang a song that reminded me of Footloose, which is a fucking great movie. Not only that, but she so friggin cute and she's my new favorite. That's right!! NEW FAVORITE ALERT.

Scott. Oh Scott. I have not looked at you the same since I heard you beat up the mother of your son with a telephone. Your denim shirt is horrible and you hit about two notes correctly. Oh, and he pulled some macho crap after Simon said he had to "keep it real." So lame.

Carrie sang "Love is a Battlefield" which is one of my favorite 80s songs. Not only that, but that girl can ROCK a pair of jeans. Holy hotness! Loved it.

Constantine is disgusting. He's not handsome or sexy at all. I will not even pretend to understand the appeal. And he sang all of the easy parts of "Bohemian Rhapsody" which just about everyone in America can do. Good job...really.

Do I even need to mention Paula? Or the fact that Randy's teeth look like Day-Glo?

OH, so much hateration. Oh well. I warned you.

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