Thursday, April 28, 2005

Falling asleep at my desk

First of all, I don't like Constantine. I did for about 5 minutes when he first was invited to Hollywood. Then, I slowly started to despise his stage antics.

Strangly, I feel rather empty now that he's gone.

What will I have to squirm about now? Who will I turn to when I need a contestant to be completely and unabashedly over the top?

Constantine would not have won by any means, but Scott should have been gone last night.

The only logical reason I can think of that Scott still remains is that the American public is a bunch of ignorant saps. Oh no! Scott looks so sad! Let's vote for him even though he cannot carry a tune to save his life!

I'm not sure about the producers of the Idol. I find the "reality" show to be a bit...too shocking at times.

I'm really groggy and pretty out of it. More later...when I'm lucid.

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