Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hooking Down

I usually wouldn't go about chatting up my sexual exploits here on the good ole World Wide Web, but I had the most fun that I've had in a LONG time on Friday night. Maybe because I wasn't feeling at all insecure or maybe because I just didn't give a fuck what happened. Whatever it was, I'd like to repeat it (ok, not ALL of it) and soon.

Without going into too much (eh hem) detail, Miss Lisa and her friend Janice*(names have been changed to protect the innocent) happened to end up at an apartment where three *British* guys just *happened* to live. Well, one was visiting.

Because I'm fairly confident about my various sexual talents when I'm drunk, the ladies and I made a few wagers with the gentlemen. We won, hands down and have pictures (of straight men full on kissing each other and *maybe* some breasts) to prove it. I can't recall another time where I have been so shocked but at the same time so excited. It was almost like an orgy, minus the passing of bodily fluids (well, that *may* happened later in *one or more* cases). I've never been with a group of people so fun and uninhibited.

So, can you figure out what happened without me spelling it out?

Maybe it's just better if I leave it up to you to use that imagination of yours.



The Dummy said...

Whoo hoo! Some action! Somebody had a good weekend!

Steph said...

yeah, it was nice...especially since I wasn't expecting it AT ALL.
I guess I'm following in your footsteps?? :)

Miss Lisa said...

I have the pictures from that night. Let's just say they aren't pretty. Let's see what Saturday night this weekend brings... ;)

Something about those Brits are simply irresistable.

Steph said...

Wait...did you just say I'm not pretty?