Friday, April 15, 2005

All in a day's work

Because my thankless job has been sucking the life out of me these past couple of days (per usual) and I'm in an especially bitter mood, I've decided to take a minute and step outside myself to bring YOU, my loyal readers, some Entertainment News.

I am momentarily sick of The Idol (it will not last long because I am, after all, an addict) and have decided to say only this of the results show: Scott should have gone but it's Nadia's own fault for picking a weird song. There. That should do it.

Ok, onto the news. First off, I would like to congratulate B. Spears and K. Fed. on their upcoming baby. While I knew this was inevitable, I don't think these two should breed, at least not now. Britney has turned into what can only be described as unkempt, and now we can add chubby to the list. Hey, I'm no super model (unless you count Super Plus Size Model) but the girl has been caught eating Cheetos and drinking Red Bull like it's going out of style. Not to mention that I put more effort into my appearence when I go out in public than she does, and no one is taking my picture. Or she just doesn't care. In that case, I can't say I blame her. She has enough money to live off of (K. Fed., too) for the rest of her life, so why bother? So anyway, kudos to the lucky couple, even if Britney is no more ready to have a baby than I am.

Britney and Kev also now have their own reality television program. I would say that I would never endorse such a thing by watching it but that would be a huge lie. I will watch it, religiously I'm sure.

Also in the news: Rosa Parks has settled her lawsuit against Outkast. Now, maybe I live in a tunnel, but I thought this headline was a joke. Rosa Parks is actually still living? I knew she was tough but...whoa. I guess Outkast is making up for some stupid lyric by making some video and teaching kids about Rosa or whatever. Great. That should really fix it.

Next: A bunch of stars have entered and left rehab as well as got caught with drugs/being drunk when they shouldn't of been. I won't bother to mention who because this just seems part of being "famous" so you can just insert whatever name you find appropriate. There is so much pressure that celebrities need to turn to the bottle, or perscription bottle, if you will. I'm...indifferent.

Fred Durst has pitched his own reality television show to...someone. I will not under any circumstances be watching this unless my cable goes out, I'm locked in my room, both my legs are broken, I'm temporarily blind and deaf and his show is on the only channel that I can get.

Michael Jackson is still crazy.

Oh and uh, Happy Tax Day.

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