Friday, April 08, 2005

HSHT and see through tank tops

I'm so dreadfully bored.

So there's this job that Company Y wants to recruit me for, but the location ain't all that and I'm sure the money isn't either. Do I even bother? I think that depends on how desperate I am to get out of this hell hole. I have to figure out, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being I only hate my job 3 days out of the week, 10 being I think about how much I hate my job constantly, even when I'm not here), my depth of despair.

Today, I will give myself a 6.

It's not too bad, except for the fact that, sure, there are things for me to do, but I have no will. I worked hard up until about noon and then I just shut off. Probably because most of these "projects" that I'm given are pointless and stupid. Their only function is to make The Doll feel as if he has some sort of hold on this company. He's such an idiot.

He has hired a new VP of Sales. I will call him High School History Teacher or HSHT for short. I know I have written here before how much he reminds me of my crusty, ancient, balding, creepy, mumbling teacher of yore. He's like The Doll's little ventriloquist dummy. They are both old and crusty and reek of Old Man Smell. DORK.

Also in the category of things that send me over the edge, I would also like to mention something (or pair of somethings) I saw at the gym last night. The lovely young woman on the bike facing me was very cute on my first glance up from my Glamour article on "How to Make Any Body Feel Good." She had a cute little bod and some fantastic vintage glasses on. While reading about which bathing suit would most flatter my "plus size figure" (Glamour's categories, people), I looked up again and was greeted by her two, perky, very brown nipples. They were clear as day through her pink tank top. I couldn't look away. I almost said something to her like "Uhm, excuse me? Yeah, you have a sweatshirt or something you could put on?" but then realized that perhaps this show was intentional, which made me snicker to my plus size self.

Maybe when I become a plus size model and get my breast reduction, I'll walk around the gym like that, too.


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