Tuesday, March 15, 2011

YOU are the CEO of YOUR Life

There is a man named Lance who works a few rows down from me here in the ole office. He never seems to be at his desk, but when I have seen him I've noticed that he is...diminutive. That must by why he not only possesses a sign that designates him as the CEO of his own life, but insists on hanging up the sign for all to see. It was suggested to me that I find excuses to speak with Lance, in order to find more out about what must be his fascinating character. However, the only reasons I have to walk down towards his desk are to 1. Put paper in the shredding bin and 2. Put mail in the slot to be sent out. I do both of these things very rarely. So I need to find out exactly what he does and see what I can do to ascertain more of his elusive character.

For now I will just say "Lance, You Go Girl!"

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