Sunday, March 20, 2011

I will call her...Monique

Someone got a new smart phone. Yes yes it's me! Her name is Monique and she's beautiful. Now to figure out how to use her to her fullest potential. Hmmm.

I got the following message today from a new online friend I will call Manly Man:

"Manly Man here and I wanted to say hello after seeing your "sly" profile photo (it is making me smile), good match percentage and your outlook/words.

I am a single responsible guy who enjoys a laugh and good meal and good friends.

What did you do over the weekend? How is school going?

Nice to meet you,
Manly Man"

This guy 1. has a very cute dog 2. chops his own wood and 3. features a picture of a fried turkey wrapped in bacon in his profile pictures.

This shows promise.

If he owns a Jeep and goes off roading, sign me up. I'll keep you posted.

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