Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Don't write your dating profile on your phone

Just don't.

I know I'm on a free site, and I shouldn't expect much, but it isn't hard to know that "great" is not spelled "geat" and it wouldn't hurt to capitalize letters at the beginning of your sentences. You are a grown man. And no, failing to spell correctly or use proper capitalization does not make you more intriguing, I don't care if you're an "artist."

It's been a little over a week and there have been few prospects. There was 6 foot Asian guy who immediately asked for my phone number because "instant communication is just a better way to get to know someone of the opposite sex." Excuse me? No.

Then there was the open marriage guy, and just today is the guy asking me about trampolines, who has no shirt and is laying down seductively (or he thinks so) in his profile picture. I wrote him back and told him to put a shirt on.

Then then there is the "polyamorous" guy. Aren't most men poly amorous...or they wish they could be? Thank you for stating the obvious and YES I am very busy and you are interrupting my hectic schedule. Go away.

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