Saturday, March 12, 2011

NOT Cool

I was supposed to have a date tonight. Don't worry, it's not with anyone I have mentioned here so far. I didn't mention it here because I didn't want to make a big deal about it. But now I do.

Mr. Husky and I were supposed to meet up at a bar at 6pm. I had mentioned I would be coming straight from school, then a family function, so would meet up with him then. He had asked me last night to call him when I got out of school to check in and confirm we were still on. That I did. I also asked him to call me back know...confirm that we were still on. That was at 245 today. At 430, having not heard back from him, I sent an inquisitive text message reading "We're good, right? Let me know." No response. At 5, I called him again and there was no answer. At 515, I call a friend and asked what I should do. Should I just show up at the agreed upon place and hope for the best? Should I try to keep calling? She offers to check my email, since I am behind the times and don't have email access on my phone. But I'm thinking to myself...who would email but not call? Not text? Or not answer calls from someone you had plans with? But guess what? He emailed me at noon today, the following message:

"Okay, so I am not able to meet up with you later today and feel awful. My father has all these things he wants me to do before our trip tomorrow and if I take off for the evening they really will not get done. I am bummed out as I was already planning what to wear etc. Ha silly me. I guess it might be best as you will probably need some rest and I would rather see you when we both do not have things going on.

Anyways, I hope to chat with you at least at some point today and again i am very sorry. Can we make a date for when I get back?

Mr. Huskey"

There are many things I have issue with. I'll list them.

1. Again, why would you not call me to tell me this?
2. I don't think I like your Dad. If he knew you had a date, why wouldn't he give you a pass and do whatever it is himself?
3. Yes, silly you. What?
4. I had already mentioned to him MULTIPLE times, that I was fine with hanging out tonight, even though I had a busy day and might be a bit tired. It's called coffee. Why will he not give it a rest?
5. If he really felt so bad about it, and wanted to chat with me today, WHY DIDN'T HE PICK UP HIS FUCKING PHONE?


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