Monday, March 07, 2011

I'm baaaaack

To my potential three readers: Thanks for holding on.

So much has happened since I last wrote, but it's all pretty boring and not really worth a mention. What IS worth a mention is that I am back to online dating. I know, I know. AGAIN? Oh yes. And so far, I've gotten some pretty great messages.

For my inaugural return, here is a selected message for your reading pleasure:

"Quick disclaimer: In case you couldn’t already tell, I’m basically an
idiot, especially when it comes to women. Hence the questions…

I guess I’m curious about:
1 – How on earth am I supposed to introduce myself to a girl without
it being a completely humiliating and regrettable experience,
especially in a bar? What’s an opening that is likely to hold your
attention – interesting without being corny?
2 – Is there any chance whatsoever that a girl could be seriously
interested in, or attracted to, a guy who is openly awkward around
women? Or is feigned confidence the way to go?
3 – How important is a guy’s job or work ambitions to you?
4 – How big was the biggest, um, erm, ‘guy’ you or your friends have
actually seen or dealt with in person? (Long story why I’m asking...)
5 – What do you like doing with your mutual, non-romantic male friends?
6 – To what extent is mystery important in a guy? Are guys who reveal
almost nothing about themselves likely to hold your interest for long?
7 – Do girls essentially prefer being the more mature and controlling
person in the relationship, or do they prefer a guy who ‘knows what he
wants’ and all that?"

There aren't words really. My favorite is number four. I actually wrote this poor sad sack back, answering his questions as best I could, and will post if there is another reply.

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