Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Husky Exchange


After abruptly logging off last night, Husky sent me the following message:

What are you up to this evening? I know you are busy tomorrow. Sorry [free dating website] was not letting me send u messages. Hope you are well and I miss texting and talking with you!

Hi, I'm Earth, have we met? This guy has to be on something. The IM just happened to breakdown when I asked you a tough question? Really?

To which I replied:

Huh. I'm a little baffled as to what is going on here. I did text you, had texted you about wednesday and heard nothing. Are you married or something? What is your deal?

I mean come on. Between the whole debacle with our first scheduled non date and now this whole complete communication breakdown, this guy has to be hiding something.

To which he replied:

Sorry as I have been in Florida and super busy with burning cds and invoicing schools. I am also sorry for not getting back to you about Wens. I think it fell off my radar when I got back from Florida. I am not married or anything like that ha. I do not have any deal but I will say that it sounds like we are both very busy these days. I understand if you do not want to keep in touch. My hope is that we would and eventually meet up one of these days. Have a great night.

Give me a fucking break. First of all, I am well aware that you were in Florida on business. You only told me twelve times. Secondly, invoicing and burning CDs? Is that 24/7? It doesn't sound particularly taxing. Thirdly, you originally texted me about Wednesday, and at the time went out of your way to say how "open" your week was. And fourth, you understand if I don't want to keep in touch? Any guy that is willing to give up that easy is not the guy for me.

I did not reply to his message, but will soon delete all evidence of him.

If this wasn't happening to me, it would be hilarious.


It's still hilarious.

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