Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My name is Turquoise

Some days, I struggle to keep busy at work. I'll chat on Gmail or play with my new phone on the sly. Maybe I'll refile things I've already filed, or perhaps recheck action items that I know for a fact will still not be done. Other days, it's nonstop and I struggle to finish in time to leave. Guess which kind of day today is.

The current crisis is a non working fax machine. Why we still fax things is beyond me. The IT department seems to agree and took our fax offline to set up an efax system, which isn't up and running yet. Regardless, I need a way to fax things. It's what I spend a large part of my time doing. If that's streamlined, I'm fucked.

Also a current crisis is the fact that I have all of the company's calendars and inboxes in my email public folders. Someone in the IT department did an oops.

Manly Man has told me that he doesn't like communicating by email and that I should call him. It has been confirmed that he does not own a Jeep, but the turkey picture, wood splitting and dog owning still apply. Since I don't get cell phone reception at my house, this chatting on the phone business is challenging. But in addition, I don't really want to in most cases. This case isn't different.

Mr. Husky texted me yesterday asking about my plans for this week. I told him I could possibly do something on Wednesday IF he could drive more out my way (he lives in Westachusetts), but have not heard back in over 24 hours. I think I'm e-dating a retarded person.

I've got a couple new messages that I haven't had a chance to look at, but if they're gems, I'll eventually post them here. If I can figure out Monique a bit more, I may even be able to blog on her. Goody for you!

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