Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You're a bear, man

Nothing puts the world right like a viewing of the best movie of all time. If I can't watch The Idol, it's the next best thing.

It makes me so happy, I could almost cry. Yep.

I was so wound up on the way home, so distraught with the ways of the world, that I went through the McDonald's drive thru, which just happens to be on the way home from the T station. I'm not worried about making a habbit of it. But I needed it. I was craving it. And it was delicious.

A large fry, two cheeseburgers and a small chocolate shake later, Swingers was on and and I was in my sweats. Actually, I ate a cheeseburger while I was changing into my sweats.

God, this movie is good.

I'm stealing internet again. It's behaving for the time being. I'm trying to download Mandy Moore's new album from iTunes and it's taking for fucking EVER.

I thought I was a fast walker, I really did. But the majority of T commuters in Boston walk faster than I do. It's amazing really. I can't figure it out. I felt like I was racing with everyone. And I suppose we were to some extent.

And everyone looks so angry. And I find myself annoyed with the people who don't look angry. I caught my reflection on the T and I looked downright miserable. Probably because I was.

The scene where Rob yells at Mikey because he focuses too much on the negative and not enough on the positive hit extra close to home tonight. I feel like such a whiner. But then I remember the song's opening credits, paired with "You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You" and I wonder if the movie is making fun of itself (as it does often, which is one of the many thing that make it so awesome) or if that really is true.

I'm slightly better now. That tight feeling in my chest makes it hard to breath buuuut I don't feel like I'm drowning. I'll shower and continue to try to calm down. Swingers on a continuous loop may do the trick.

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