Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ode to the vibrating heating pad

I am so very tired.

Last night was a welcome relief (Cute toddler, The Idol and delicious home cooked meal that I would never make myself? Sign me UP!) to the hell that has been packing and moving this week. Was it this hard last time? The time before that? I really don't think so. Maybe I'm just getting old.

I'm feeling pretty drained BUT I'm in good health and I'm eating well. All this packing and moving is doing a number on my lower back. My dad would say I'm obviously not lifting enough with my legs. Perhaps...but all is forgotten when the vibrating heating pad (seriously, you need one. Everyone needs one.) lulls me to sleep. I whimper in gratitude.

Not only do I have so much to do in life at the moment (on top of everything, I have to get my friggin car inspected! And those front tires look suspiciously low on air...), but I have so much to do at work. Being busy isn't a bad thing, but I continue to feel just a tad overwhelmed. I suppose it's better than underwhelmed.

In some interesting news, one of my former roommates wants to meet up for dinner and drinks. (As you know, I used to live with boyz) Hrmmmm. Interesting!

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