Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I hope Karma is as big of a bitch as I am

So Super Douche tells other lovely roommate today that she is moving out as of February 1st. OH REALLY??? That must be nice, since you agreed to give the landlord 60 days notice along with the rest of us. Is she legally obligated? No. We didn't sign a lease. But as lovely roommate has so pointed out, she is obligated as a decent human being to at least pay for another month. It's low rent, trust wouldn't break the bank.

Or wait...maybe it would...since Super Douche hasn't had a job since...July?

In addition, she's transferring the utilities to us...for that one whole month.


Princess will get her day in court someday, and if she doesn't, the world really is a fucking unfair place.

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