Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh the misery

I cannot watch The Idol. This makes me extremely sad.

Why you ask? Is your TV broken? Have you gone blind? What other reason would you not be able to watch a television show that is on a major network?

Oh's why. Super Douche had the cable cut...completely. Not even basic. Not a signal at all. I don't even have bunny ears.

Watching The Idol is one of the basic human needs I have identified for myself. And now I can't even do that. What will become of me?

Some good news: I get to move into my new place in next weekend. Not a whole lot of time you say? No, not at all. I can't collect boxes fast enough. I've packed some, but there is still much to be done. I'm a bit...stressed.

I bought my washer and dryer today. Delivery is scheduled for February 2nd. Hooray! Very very exciting. $800 (including tax, delivery, and extended warranty...cheaper than the laptop, what a deal!) later.

Speaking of the...laptop is acting up again. Remember back in August when it would blank out on me? And then it seemed to have corrected itself? Well, it seems as though my LCD is going. Stupid busted piece of crap. But I was lucky enough to sweet talk Toshiba into an extended warranty even though I was waaaay past due to be eligible for one. So now they can rebuild my motherboard, all for the low low price of $140, and just a few precious days worth of my life on the phone with customer service.

The transition to the new place will be a bit tough. I won't have cable or internet for the first week or so I'm there. Kind of like now. I do need to catch up on reading. My magazines are extremely neglected. I will also need to unpack. I just wish The Idol had waited a few more weeks to start. At least it's not the finals. That's the bright side.

Oh. I supposedly have a date on Friday night. You remember what happened last time when it was supposed, don't you? Well well, Match Greg. You better bring it.

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