Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Accent Pillows Redux

I started writing an entry last night while I was stealing wireless internet from one of my new wrought iron laden neighbors, but it kept going in and out and I lost patience because I had a crazy painful headache.

I was writing about my new accent pillows, along with various other purchases I made yesterday for the new pad. I'm getting settled in...but it's pretty weird to be alone. Like...ALONE alone. Not just..."I'm here by myself but other people still live here" alone but..."I am the only person who lives here" alone. It's super strange. I started to think this morning (while I was brewing my very own coffee in my very own kitchen) that it's way too nice (don't get me wrong, it's no penthouse, but it's really nice compared to where I've spent the last 5 years) and that I almost don't deserve it. Isn't that terrible?

In other news, I'm discovering all sorts of wonderful things in Revere and surrounding area. The highlight of yesterday: A valet carwash...for $6.

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